City of Norwich ARP


In July 2021, Norwich City Manager, John Salomone, presented a budget and plan for the City’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. Included in the plan is a partnership with the Cultural Coalition to administer $500,000 to support local arts & culture. The plan was supported by the City Council in September.



The Cultural Coalition is planning the following:

  • From early October 2021 through January 2022, we’ll host Norwich ARP for Arts & Culture Zoom Meetings (see below to sign up to attend):
    • provide updates and information
    • hear from local arts & cultural organizations, artists and creative businesses about your ideas/needs/projects
    • encourage, help develop, and catalyze collaborative opportunities
  • December – hire a PT Norwich Arts & Culture Coordinator to serve as a dedicated arts & culture community engagement and program coordinator for the City of Norwich to assist with managing the local ARP funds.
  • Early 2022 – Open Norwich ARP for Arts & Culture Grants application portal to arts & cultural businesses (nonprofit and for-profit) and artists.  Note: applications will require at least three (3) entities to collaborate with one lead applicant.  Grant applications must support the following strategic goals:
    • Develop arts & culture based beautification projects
    • Manage perception of Norwich
    • Coordinate and promote arts, culture, history, and heritage events and activities

To read our full plan for the $500k, Norwich ARP 1% arts RECOMMENDATIONS FINAL 7.2.21.

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The Cultural Coalition is pleased to announce Sarbani Hazra as the Norwich Arts and Culture Coordinator. Sarbani joins the Cultural Coalition as an arts & culture community engagement and program coordinator for the City of Norwich. Sarbani will assist with managing the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds that the City has allocated to support local arts & culture. In this new and temporary, part-time position, the Norwich Arts and Culture Coordinator will work with the Cultural Coalition to help manage, implement and administer $500,000 of Norwich’s ARPA funding for arts and culture to support economic recovery and address the impact of the pandemic.

Sarbani will serve as the primary point of contact for arts and cultural entities seeking ARPA funding in the City of Norwich through a grant program designed to develop arts and culture based beautification projects, enhance the positive perception of Norwich, help foster tourism, and coordinate and promote arts, culture, history, and heritage events and activities. In this position, she will engage with diverse BIPOC communities in the City, including youth, students, families, and elderly as part of the Cultural Coalition’s and the
City of Norwich’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.  Read more…



Meeting on Wed., October 6, 2021 from 11:30 to 12:30 via Zoom – Agenda 10.6.2021
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Meeting on Wed., October 13 from 11:30 to 12:30 via Zoom
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Meeting on Wed., October 27 from 11:30 to 12:30 via Zoom
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Meeting on Wed., November 17 from 11:30 to 12:30 via Zoom
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Meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 from 11:30am to 12:30pm via Zoom
Meet your new Norwich Arts & Culture Coordinator
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Representatives from the following have attended one or more of the Norwich ARP roundtable discussions: Artreach, Inc., Artist (musician), Castle Church, Chestnut Street Playhouse, Artist (producer), Norwich Historical Society, Norwich Arts Center, CT Storytelling Center, Artist (visual), Rotary Community Corps, Slater Memorial Museum, Society of the Founders of Norwich/Leffingwell Museum, Norwich Community Development Corp.(NCDC), Foundry66/NCDC, Global City Norwich/NCDC, Blooming in2 Greatness, City of Norwich/Planning and Neighborhood Services Department, Otis Library, Mayor City of Norwich, Rose Arts Festival, Norwich Parks & Rec, Greater Norwich Chamber of Commerce

READI (Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity, Inclusion) & Anti-Racism
Equity, inclusion and access involving all populations are critical to the vitality of our neighborhoods, towns and cities. We are committed to supporting and fully engaging diverse members of our communities in arts policy, practice and decision making.
– Cultural Coalition and CT Office of the Arts