Cultural Districts

What is a Cultural District?
A Cultural District is a specific area of a city or town identified by the municipality that has a number of cultural facilities, activities and/or assets – both for profit and nonprofit. It is a walkable, compact area that is easy for visitors to recognize. It is a center of cultural activities – artistic and economic. It is a place in your city/town where community members congregate, and visitors may enjoy those places that make a community special. Because each community is unique, each Cultural District will look different.

Where can I find the Connecticut legislation that enables Cultural Districts?
An Act Concerning the Establishment of Municipal Cultural Districts (effective October 2019)

CT Office of the Arts/DECD – CT Cultural Districts Standards and Criteria: PDF

Determining Municipal Readiness
Cities and towns should assess their readiness to establish a Cultural District.

  • Assess the inventory and location of cultural assets in the municipality.
  • Confirm if your city or town is eligible by reviewing the Standards & Criteria.
  • Submit a letter of intent to establish a Cultural District to your Designated Regional Service Organization (DRSO).

If you have questions, please contact your Designated Regional Service Organization (DRSO).
For Southeastern CT, contact Wendy Bury at or (860) 448-5135.

Cultural Districts in process of formation in Southeastern CT:

City of New London – New London approves formation of cultural district (4/5/21-The Day)

Cultural Districts being explored in:

Town of Stonington
City of Groton

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