Call for Cultural Coalition Board Members

To Members of the Southeastern CT region:

The Southeastern CT Cultural Coalition is looking for members of our community who want to contribute to the health and vitality of local arts and cultural organizations. During this critical time for many of our county’s businesses, we look to those who want to give back, represent and engage with their community.

The Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition’s mission is to improve the economy, vitality and quality of life in Southeastern Connecticut by supporting the arts, cultural and creative community. The Cultural Coalition serves over 500 for-profit and non-profit partners in the county. Part of the Cultural Coalition’s responsibilities include: connecting partners to valuable resources, collaborating with partners to create meaningful programming or strategic partnership and communicating relevant and timely information.

The Cultural Coalition requests that interested parties apply to potentially serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term. Specifically, the Cultural Coalition has a current vacancy in the role of Treasurer which we hope to fill with a new board member. The Cultural Coalition strongly encourages BIPOC (black and indigenous people of color) and folks belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community to apply for this role.

The Cultural Coalition encourages all interested parties to visit our website and learn more about our organization. Specifically, the Cultural Coalition suggests reviewing the current Strategic Plan, focusing on the commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism. (

Considering the goals of the Cultural Coalition moving forward, the Board is seeking applications from community members that are interested in and able to assist the organization in one or more of the following ways:

• Serve and have experience as a financial manager/treasurer for a non-profit organization
• Advance, influence and/or impact strategic partnerships, including with military, tribal, education, economic development, healthcare and other community networks
• Lend personal and professional experience, including in nonprofit management, finance and accounting, and fundraising
• Lend personal or professional experience, including in human resources, public and media relations, social media and digital marketing
• Contribute to and advance diversity, equity and inclusion work/initiatives

Interested members should reach out to the Chair of the Governance committee before December 31, 2020. Please email with a resume, background information, and/or link to learn more about you (Linkedin, staff profile webpage, news article, etc.). Please include a short summary of why you are interested in joining our Board of Directors. Please also reach out with any questions. Thank you in advance.

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