C.O.R.E. – Using the Regional Calendar

C.O.R.E. is a regional calendar of community events and activities happening in the Eastern Connecticut area served by the Cultural Coalition.

This free shared calendar is for the region’s arts, cultural, history, humanities, creative and tourism communities to use for promotion to residents and visitors.

The Cultural Coalition partnered with CivicLift to update our regional calendaring system. The new platform for C.O.R.E. launched in late April 2024.

It is easy to use – try it today!


  • You need to create a new login to access C.O.R.E. to submit events on the new platform.
  • Event submissions are reviewed and approved by the Cultural Coalition before appearing on the calendar. Please allow 24 hours as we adjust to the new platform and process.
  • Currently, event posts need to be listed as a single town/city within our region. An option for events in multiple towns will be added. Category changes are also being considered.
  • Unlike the old platform, you now have the ability to edit or remove your own published posts. Click on “Submit an Event” and “Sign In” using your new CORE account email and password. On the dashboard, click “Your Events” and select the specific event for removal or editing.
  • To find information about signing in and listing events, view a tutorial HERE.
  • Events entered on the old platform (as of early April) were migrated over to the new one. Please check to ensure your event(s) carried over correctly. Contact us for any edits to migrated events.
  • Update your bookmarks and links to the C.O.R.E. calendar to: https://events.culturesect.org/
  • The old calendar platform (time.ly) and website (www.core-ect.com) is no longer active.

For questions or concerns, contact Wendy Vincent, w.vincent@culturesect.org.

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