Smithsonian Exhibit in SECT!

Smithsonian Exhibit "The Way We Worked"

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This exhibition created by the Smithsonian Institution draws on the National Archives’ rich photographic collections to document 150 years of changing work life in America. Using images, video, audio and interactive components, the exhibition reveals the effects of industrialization, urbanization, immigration, labor unrest, wars, and economic depression on ordinary working Americans.

Spanning the years 1857-1987, the exhibition’s 86 black-and-white and color photographs document, in rich visual detail, American workplaces, work clothing, working conditions, and workplace conflicts. They also reflect a workforce shaped by immigration and ethnicity, slavery and racial segregation, wage labor and technology, gender roles and class, as well as by the American ideals of freedom and equality. The Way We Worked is part of Connecticut at Work, an initiative of Connecticut Humanities. Visit Connecticut at Work.