ADA & the Arts Workshop – Principles and Practice

ADA: Principles and Practice

The Connecticut Office of the Arts, in partnership with its nine designated regional service organizations, will present six workshops across the state that will focus on ADA concepts and terminology. This concentration on the law’s structure will provide participants with some of the skills necessary to apply ADA in the evaluation of their own programs and services. Attendees will benefit from a relaxed learning environment that will enable them to take a deep-dive into identifying their organizations’ accessibility strengths and weaknesses.

Presenter: Elanah Sherman
Elanah Sherman has been involved in the disability rights movement for about twenty-five years as community organizer, advocate, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) trainer. Her last two positions were as Project Director of the ADA Coalition of Connecticut and Advocate at the former State Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. As an arts-involved person herself, she has a special interest in educating arts personnel in how to knowledgeably apply ADA, enabling the transformative power of the arts to reach as many people as possible.

Each workshop will include a different panel of local individuals with disabilities who will share their experiences attending and participating in the arts.